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Geeks with production experience




Founded in 2008, Kestrel Kreative was started by two friends who wanted to help production companies of all sizes work better and have more time to be creative. One was a DP, editor, and producer, and the other a IT professional with years of experience, deploying both hardware and software for Fortune 50 companies. Kestrel Kreative is the result of that partnership, merging real world production experience with deep technological expertise. We are technologists that help content creators evolve how they work.


We operate differently from most companies. We are a decentralized organization. We have a small office which houses a small component of team members, but the rest of our team works remotely.  You won't find scooters in a hip office in Manhattan here, and you also won't pay for that.


We found that by offering great work-life balance, and a challenging environment,  we have been able to recruit and retain, some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. We have a 100% retention of our team and we are proud of that.

We are also take pride that our team is based in the USA (with the exception of one developer in the UK). We are a small company that is committed to growing and developing talent here in the USA.


Each project is entered into as a partnership. We aren't fans of technology for technology's sake, we try to cut through the technological jargon and get to the business impact. How will that make your business run better? How do we make this dead simple for everyone to use?


We are platform agnostic in our solutions, meaning for one project we may build something from scratch, another project may use an open source solution, a third project may be a customized commercial piece of software. We guarantee to deliver on the task and challenge vs. fitting you into a box or canned solution.


Our streamlined and low overhead approach allows us to work with clients ranging from one-man-band creatives, to Fortune 50 companies.


Our designers have a broad range of experiences, some are focused more on user interface design, while others are more communication focused. The two disciplines pair nicely to deliver solutions that are both easy to use and nice to look at.


Given the breadth of our projects we also employ a variety of specialists on a project basis when needed. From computer vision specialists for a custom facial recognition application, or satellite communication experts for a remote production project; we play well with others.


We have a team of software engineers to create and customize software to deliver our solutions. This team is also always testing new software platforms, and assessing for potential partnerships that can save our clients money.

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